OK so the Easter bunny is gone and the dog you have affectionately begun refer to as the Hell Hound has arrived. Not to be melodramatic but spring time seems to bring out the worst in some dogs… For example,
·         Pulling on the leash
·         Running for the hills every time they get loose
·         Jumping all over everyone including you
·         Not paying one ounce of attention
·         The onset of humidity (brining full frontal the smell of all those accidents you never noticed from over the winter)
Don’t despair, there is hope but it ain’t gonna be fast and it ain’t gonna be easy but if you can be persistent and consistent in a matter of weeks you can begin to bring things back into the realm of sanity…
I basically cover 5 topics with my clients whenever I begin training a new client and they help create (if you are consistent) a dog that actually pays attention, has impulse control, understands house rules and is actually mentally and physically worn out. In other words a good dog!
These basic ideas are,
·         Hand Feeding Techniques
·         Sit Say Please Protocols
·         Installing Non Negotiable Rules
·         Dealing with Problem Behaviors Utilizing The “15 Minute Ignore”
·         Using a Hydraulic Model to Explain Energy Levels and Problem Behavior in Dogs
Now for the good news, while this “little” list seems quite daunting… These are ideas and techniques I can teach anyone in usually just one session! Don’t misunderstand me it will take you around a month of practice to see the fruits of your labor but you will only be paying me to teach you once. I then leave it up to you to teach your dog… Remember here at Kiss Dog Training we Keep it Simple Stupid, by training the people and not their dogs…
I can’t wait to teach you how to speak dog!
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