Mackenzie the GSD with Bro’s Oliver and Jackson
The relationship between dogs and owners is a beautiful thing and if we are lucky, we have that  one dog that… Well they’re just special! You can not put it into words, you can’t explain why, but they just become part of  your soul. One side of the coin describes just how lucky we are to find a dog like this but the other side deals with what happens when they leave us… Folks I want to share an email with you from a friend, after the loss of one of those “special dogs” Not sure what it is I want you to get out of this email but when I read it, it made me both sad and happy at the same time. I was lucky enough to see Julie and Mackenzie together and I guess if anything go give your dog a great big hug, but above all enjoy these words and remember to live life!

The Whole Family …
My darling, darling girl is gone.  She died peacefully at home, on her favorite perch in front of the window, with her head in my arms, my face buried in her neck.  She left with the same grace and dignity she held in life.
As you know, Mackenzie bravely fought several diseases, all of which are ultimately fatal.  I did not have a script for what I would or wouldn’t do, my promise being only that I would listen to her closely and honor what I believe to be what she needed.  And never to let her suffer or keep her here for me.  I hope I did that in the end.

Getting Some Loving from Spud…

Our last two days were spent at home, sitting in the yard in the sun on our blankets, watching the boys play and chase squirrels and bark at things only Collies see.  We sat in the front yard for a while and waved at people.  I made liver brownies and she ate most of the batch, with a little help from her brothers.  She ate an entire tray of chicken broth ice cubes.  We talked, I cried, she licked my face, and laid her head in my lap.  I got to tell her all the things I wanted to say, and she looked at me with her wise, old-soul eyes, and I knew she understood.  I asked her to leave a little of herself with me because I need her kindness, her grace, her forgiveness, and her patience.  She sighed.  And we sat for a while longer, just being quiet, being present.  She knew.
For those of you who loved her like your own, I apologize for not calling.  This is the best I can do now.  It has always been Mackenzie and me, and that’s how we needed to be in the end.  Thank you for letting us be these last weeks.  She was my love.
Please light a candle in her honor tonight to light her way for safe passage.


Jackson and Mackenzie (Protecting his big sis as always) 

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