This question comes up all the time (well not what are the 5 things part)… But I do get the question of what is the first thing I should teach a dog all the time and through the years I have come up with 5 things…

  1. Hand Feed for 30 days
  2. Sit Say Please
  3. Non Negotiable Rules
  4. The 15 min Ignore
  5. Exercise and Problem behaviors (A different way to look at problem behaviors
My thoughts are simple give dogs lots of rules and routines and they will focus more on what the owner wants than what they want! A dog given to much freedom thinks, well like a dog… And that my friends is where communication between our two species breaks down.
Ironically if you search this blog you will find at least one article covering each of these 5 topic (and many times more) and to be honest it is in the works as our next book. So if these ideas intrigue you start searching and happy reading!
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