So here is the follow up to last weeks question and article on using puppies in fundraising auctions… As many of you know I actually don’t mind compromises and while I agree with everything in the article and definitely do not like the idea of auctioning off a purebred puppy that is on site the night of the auction… All the things they worry could go wrong could and probably do go wrong…

But what about partnering with an adoption group having several adoptee’s there to see, feel and touch? What if instead of bidding on a specific (purebred dog from a breeder) you are bidding on a certificate for a free adoption at a later time. In fact you could even put the adoption in conjunction with an interview so that the appropriate pet is placed with the family…. It does seem to me that the idea as it is presented is not a good idea but with all of the intelligence of human nature, I would think we could come up with a solution that works for all sides….

Maybe I am being naive but I can hope, right?

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