OK so I see this all the time a person who end up with 8-10 dogs and then the problems begin… They bring these animals into their home out of love but then end up having interpersonal relationship problems (fights) or the dogs begin to tear up their house (destruction or potty issues) They in essence begin to loose control, and in reality the dogs end up in situations  that are worse that the ones they were in, in the first place. 

We all want to help save all the dogs but we need to be realistic about what we can handle… There is a simple rule that I try to impress on all my clients, it goes something like this:

  • One dog is a lot of work
  • Two dogs is three times as much work
  • Three dogs is nine times as much work
  • And Four dogs is thirty six times as much work….
Don’t get me wrong I too want to help as many dogs as I can (trust me I own four dogs) but  lets face it folks I am a professional dog trainer and it is at times it is almost more than I can handle… So how is or a single mom or dad gonna handle 6, 8 or god forbid 10 dogs? The answer is simple you can’t, not well anyways… 
So instead of bringing in every stray or hard case you come across into your home, why not just start volunteering with a shelter or rescue organization? Help find homes vs. bringing the dogs into your home? Think hard about what is best for the animal… This simple question is the difference between hoarding and helping! 
I challenge everyone reading this article to not only to think about and share this information but look at what you can accomplish with your dogs. Focus on not what you might want but what it is that is  best for dog or cat! After all we owe them not only our love but also our care! Very few if any people can truly care for 10 dogs or cats…  All I ask is that we stop and ask our self a simple question…might we and the pets be better served by volunteering rather than by brining another pet into our life!
Sorry it has been so long…. and to be the buzz kill, but its my job 🙁
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