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Ok many of you know I am a brain science junkie and any and all research of the dog brain is gonna get more of a mention but this one is really cool! I am curious what you all think about it, but for my money the coolest thing they figured out was that the brain triggers more on happy sounds that non happy sounds!

This just goes to my continual argument that we are using the negative mark wrong in many cases… Why use a grumpy voice and say no when a dog gets something wrong? Instead use a happy voice and say nope or try again, letting the dog try and alternative behavior and find out (LEARN) what behavior Mom or Dad actually want? 

For that matter you could just drop the idea of a negative mark all together and just use a happy voice to cue the dog to the correct behavior when he/she makes a mistake and reward the correct behavior. Trust me when you pooch figures out more rewards come from the butt being on the ground vs. jumping, which one do you think they will choose?

Would love to know what you think? Just remember keep it fun and friendly 🙂 


Keep it Simple Stupid 😉



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