A dog trainer in Kansas City— Gives Tips for Introducing Your Dog to a New Puppy: Getting a new puppy is an exciting time! However, it can be difficult introducing them to any dogs you already have at home. A dog trainer in Kansas City understands that you want your new puppy to get along with your dog at home, so it’s important to introduce them properly. The most important thing is to introduce your dog to a new puppy before officially adopting them. This way, you have a good idea of if the two will get along.

At KISS Dog Training, a trusted Kansas City dog trainer; we want to help your dog adjust to the significant change of having a new puppy in their life. This adjustment is even more challenging if there has never been another dog in your household. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips on how to best introduce your dog to a new puppy.

What Should You Do Before You Introduce Your Dog to Your New Puppy? According to a dog trainer in Kansas City?

According to experts in puppy training in Kansas City, it’s essential to prepare your dog before they meet the new puppy. One of the first things you should do is create spaces in your home where both dogs can be separated. While this sounds bad, it’s actually a fairly common practice.


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However, it’s important to understand that while separation is a great way to start, it must be done correctly. Experts suggest having your dog and new puppy separated by a baby gate or kennel. This will help them get used to the sights, sounds, and smells of one another. Placing them in separate rooms will not allow them to get used to each other and can make it hard for them to get along. Just because your dog and puppy get along doesn’t mean they won’t need some time away from each other.

You should also separate their food bowls to ensure that they won’t fight over mealtimes. Another tip from dog trainers is to put away your dog’s favorite chew toys; this will help avoid territorial behavior.


What Is One of the Best Ways to Help Your Dog Adjust to a New Puppy?

According to a dog trainer in Kansas City?

Experts of in home dog training in Kansas City suggest taking your new puppy on a walk with your older dog to let them get used to each other. When adding a new pet into your home, the most important thing is letting everyone adjust to the sights, smells, sounds, and mannerisms of the new addition.

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What Should You Do During the First Two Weeks?

According to a dog trainer in Kansas City?

It’s always great when the first introduction between your dog and puppy goes well. However, that doesn’t mean that they will instantly be best friends. This is especially true if your dog has a history of being territorial. A dog behavior specialist in Kansas City suggests monitoring the two during your puppy’s first couple of weeks home. You should be on the lookout for specific body language clues.

  • Raised fur on their back and neck
  • Growling
  • Snarling
  • Baring teeth
  • Hunched back

These are all signs that your dog and puppy aren’t getting along.


What NOT to Do When Introducing Your Dog to a New Puppy?

According to a dog behavior specialist in Kansas City?

We’ve talked about what you can do to make the introduction easier on both your dog and new puppy, but it’s equally important to know what not to do. According to experts in standard and aggressive dog training in Kansas City, you should never:

  • Force the two dogs to be together
  • Allow the older dog to bully the puppy
  • Hold the puppy in your arms when introducing the two
  • Have the two share a crate.

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These things can cause your older dog to feel territorial and could sour the relationship from the beginning. Instead, you should let the two meet and get comfortable with each other on their own terms.


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