A dog trainer in Kansas City understands how stressful flying with your dog can be, especially if it is their first time. There are pros and cons to flying with your puppy, but sometimes it is the best or only option. It is crucial to ensure that you have everything prepared before your flight to make the process as easy as possible.

At K.I.S.S. Dog Training, a leading dog behavior specialist in Kansas City, we believe that dogs are only as good as their owners; that is why we stick to our motto, “keep it simple, stupid!” Flying with your dog in the cabin with you can be overwhelming for both of you, so it is vital to be as prepared as possible. That is why we have compiled some information and tips that should make the flight a breeze.


Talk to Your Vet

According to a trusted Kansas City dog training leader, you should always talk to your vet before bringing your pet on an airplane. Airlines have specific requirements that your dog must meet before flying; many require that your dog be older than ten weeks, and they must have a health certificate that your veterinarian has filled out. The certificate states that your dog has been examined within the past ten days and is healthy enough to fly.

Some vets might also suggest a pet-friendly prescription to keep your dog relaxed during the flight. This is more likely if your dog has anxiety, and you are worried about them barking or whining the entire trip.


Check the Airline’s Specific Regulations

According to a leading Kansas City dog trainer, each airline has its own specific regulations regarding flying with pets. The best way to do this is to call the airline and see what tasks must be completed before your flight. Many airlines require you to reserve a seat for your pet in advance because they limit the number of animals per flight.

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Ensure That Your Pet Carrier is Approved for Flying

Dog training in Kansas City experts suggest double-checking that your pet carrier is approved for flying in the cabin well before the day of your flight. Most airlines require that pets flying in the cabin weigh less than twenty-five pounds; you should ask what size carrier is allowed for your flight.


What to Pack

According to puppy training in Kansas City experts, you need several things when flying with your dog, including:

  • An approved pet carrier
  • Health certificate
  • Pee pads in the bottom of the carrier
  • Small toys
  • Treats
  • Food
  • Collapsible bowl
  • Leash and collar
  • Small towel or blanket in the carrier

You should also consider bringing Clorox wipes to clean up any messes left behind by your pup.


Flying with your dog can be stressful, especially the first time. Ensure that you have completed all the necessary tasks before the day of your flight; you should also pack enough essentials to keep your puppy entertained for the entire duration.

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