barking dog on leash - kiss dog trainingOK, this next blog is what follows after working in the car, in the parking lot of a big box pet retailer. You have gotten good at the Leave it/ Watch me command when your pooch is distracted by another dog, and wonder “how awesome it would be to be able to now get out of the car” 🙂 But this is going to require going home and practicing the Leave it command at home again to add another layer of distraction, THE LEASH…

At this point you have already taught leave it with treats (covering up with hand and/or foot and rewarding looking away from it… So, now we teach the command on leash so that it becomes a bit more functional (what you need in the real world) instead of trying to describe this, I am going to include two videos for you to look at and learn these skills!!!!

Leave it Part 1

Leave it Part 2

So get to practicing these and get real good because the next step is back out in public but this time out of the car and on leash (and dealing with distractions)

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