Puppy training in Kansas City: A dog trainer in Kansas City understands that the potty-training process can vary between dogs. However, general guidelines seem to work for almost all dogs. It can be frustrating if your dog won’t do their business outside.

If your dog refuses to “go” outside, they may require some extra training. This is typically in cases where your dog will go outside, wait, and then potty when they get back inside. Professional dog trainers refer to this as reverse housetraining.

At KISS Dog Training, a leading Kansas City dog trainer, we understand how challenging this process can be for a pet owner. We want to help you reverse this habit, so we’ve compiled some tips on making potty training easier for your dog.

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Puppy training in Kansas City: Why Does Reverse Housetraining Happen?

According to experts in dog training in Kansas City, reverse housetraining happens because the dog never had proper outdoor experiences. Many dogs who struggle with this issue were either raised indoors and not comfortable outside or were raised in extreme situations. Dogs who were raised exclusively outside might also have trouble going outdoors if they had a negative experience.


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While these scenarios aren’t always the case, they are the ones most often seen by Kansas City dog trainers. There is good news; these housetraining issues are fixable. You just have to be patient and consistent. Experts in dog and puppy training in Kansas City suggest following these steps for housetraining your dog:

  • Create a Small, Confined Outdoor Area
  • Wean Your Dog from the Confined Area
  • Work Consistently with Your Dog

Puppy Training in Kansas City: Create a Small, Confined Outdoor Area

As a top dog behavior specialist in Kansas City, KISS Dog Training knows that starting your dog in a small outdoor confinement area is best. A large playpen will work fine. This will keep them from getting overwhelmed and makes it easier for you to supervise them. Professional dog trainers suggest starting your training in the morning; this is when most dogs need to go out.

Take your dog outside, place them in the pin, and then set a ten-minute timer. You should stand a few feet away and avoid looking at your dog. This will keep them from getting distracted, and they should use the restroom.

If your dog doesn’t use the restroom within the ten minutes, take them back inside. Keep a close eye on if they try to potty inside. Immediately stop them and take them back to the confinement area. If your dog is uncomfortable with grass, you should put puppy pads down in the playpen.

Wean Your Dog from the Confined Area

Once your dog is comfortable using the confined area, you should start weaning them away from it. You are welcome to keep the confined area if it works best for your situation. If not, you should slowly start acclimating your dog.


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Start by removing any flooring or pads in the area. This will help your dog get used to the feeling of grass. If this makes your dog nervous, start by making the pads smaller, then remove them when they are more comfortable. You can then leave the door to the pen open or remove it completely.

Work Consistently with Your Dog

Housetraining won’t work unless it is regularly practiced. Experts in in home dog training in Kansas City suggest developing a schedule to make the process easier. You also need to stop your dog from having accidents in the house.

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Are You Ready to Work with a Leading Dog Trainer in Kansas City?

KISS Dog Training offers positive, scientific and motivational dog training in Kansas City techniques that focus on you, the owner, being able to fix the problems between you and Fido. We are your Dog Behavior Specialist in Kansas City.

 We offer both private instruction as well as group sessions. We serve the Greater Kansas City metro and surrounding areas and even offer in home dog training in Kansas City.  Contact us online or give us a call at 913-269-7595 to partner with a trainer. We are located in Shawnee and service Overland Park, Olathe, and the Kansas City metro area. 

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