This post will discuss how to clean up accidents, when they do occur and how we train our dogs to use bells to tell us they have to go outside! Make sure that you clean any accidents quickly and thoroughly; if not the dog may go back to the scent, using the same spot again and again. One of the most common mistakes is to use a cleaner with ammonia in it. Think about it…what is one of the main ingredients in urine? That’s right, ammonia.

No wonder “Fido” keeps going back to the same spot in the back bedroom! I have found two basic types of cleaners that people use. Liquid enzyme based cleaners and dry powder cleaners. 

Another tool that can be used is a pet deterrent for problem areas. These products are to be used once the area is cleaned to make the area less inviting for those pets who like to “return to the scene of the crime” for repeat performances. While I don’t recommend this as your main tool it can help with scent marking and problem dogs when getting started… However there are some dogs that will simply pee on something if they don’t know or like the scent 🙁 So these products should be tried and tested before relying on them!!!

Finally, how would you like a tool that helped Fido tell you when he has to go outside? How about giving your dog his or her own door bell they can ring to go out side?

Welcome to bell training for your dog! With the right training, within weeks, your dog will be going to the back door and telling you he has to go outside; thus eliminating those frustrating accidents by the door or in the back bedroom, when you are busy watching the game on TV. The training is as easy as reading a Psych 101 book! Seriously, have you ever heard of a guy named Pavlov? He was the father of Classical Conditioning and showed us that if certain things happen together and that they become related to each other.

So when using bells all we have to do is make the sound of the bells equal going outside! It is really that simple. Use your cue/command twice, once to get the dog to the door, and the second time outside to get the business done. The difference is that once the dog is at the door, take their paw and ring the bell while saying your cue/command. You are on your way to having a bell trained dog. The big key to the training is to make sure you are consistent. Every time your dog goes outside, the bell must be rung so that the relationship between the bell and going outside is clear.

What if the dog will not ring the bell themselves? Cheat!!!! Smear some peanut butter on the bottom bell and wait, trust me within minutes you will have bells ringing and the dog going outside. Keep in mind from earlier posts on potty training, use a leash when the dog rings the bell as you get this process started. This will differentiate between going outside to play and going outside to do the business! When hanging the bells, keep the size of the dog in mind. The bells should be hung at nose height so ringing them is easier.

If any of this sounds familiar or helpful you might have just found a solution. Muttz R Us carries Urine Out powder, Poochie Bells and many other items that just might help! Please visit us at and check out all of our products!

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