This is why research is so important!!!


OK, many years ago we had a huge problem here in America with unwanted pets and irresponsible breeding of dogs… This led to over populations in our shelters and massive loss of life from having to put animals down due to overcrowding. 

Fast forward…. We have done a remarkable job with the idea of spaying and neutering pet dogs and the problem of over crowding while still there is not near as large. Unfortunately we have, in this same time period, seen an increased frequency of snarky behavior with dogs!

Now look, I do not believe that these two are directly related (instead maybe there might be a correlation)  The topics are way to complicated to make that leap, but this article might shed light on the possibility that when we try to fix one problem we can (Maybe) create and unintended issue else where. So, please read this article and talk to your vet but I think it might be time to rethink our ideas (or at least do more research) on this topic, of how spaying and neutering pet dogs might relate to aggression!!!! 

If there are any Vets reading this I would love to hear your thoughts!!!


PS thoughts are fine as long as you can stay civil (Name calling will get you deleted  🙂 )


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