The Dog Owners Book of Poop and PeeOK, did you know that Kiss Dog Training’s owner Mike Deathe has written 8 books on the topic of dog training? Today we will preview the potty training book… The Dog Owners of Poop and Pee! It covers potty training from many angles and makes sure you not only know what to do but understand why you need to to do it.  It is available as a print book, eBook and now even an audio book… Purchases can be directly on our website and also at and… Here is a little excerpt:


So what is Potty Training…well I suppose it depends on perspective! For you the reader, it probably means “I want my dog to quit peeing and pooping all over the house”; while many dog trainers believe it comes down to “what you are going to tolerate!” I guess if you want my view, (yes, a redundant perspective since you already bought the book) it is simply getting Fido to understand there is no difference between his home and yours! Now, before you start worrying about whether you wasted money on this book, take a deep breath and remember…dogs are very clean animals, unless taught otherwise! They do not like to live in or near filth! So why would your dear, loving and adorable pet do these things in your home? Because you have either inadvertently taught him to or it could be because you have never bothered to take the time to show him where the toilet actually is!

Think about it, if you have house guests and they ask where the bathroom is, what do you do? Exactly, you tell them it’s down the hallway, first door on the right! You might even warn them if it’s dirty (you know, those damn kids!) or maybe even instruct them to jiggle the handle to make sure the flapper seals! In comparison, let’s look at the most common method for teaching dogs…

    1. Here is the door,
    2. Toss outside said door,
    3. Shut door cause it’s cold,
    4. Watch TV for 10 minutes,
    5. Oh crap, forgot the dog, rush to let Fido in,
    6. Fido has accident within 10 minutes,
    7. Cuss out the dog,
    8. Beat dog with newspaper,
    9. Rub dogs nose in mess, and
    10. Finally, have a “serious” talk with Fido about how wrong he was, where you want him to go and how disappointed you are in him!

Oh yeah, and you probably repeat this process at least 4 times a day J Does any of this sound familiar?  Now keep in mind that we are dealing with an animal that has no concept of the English Language, or for that matter why on earth it is wrong to pee on this comfy, absorbent and soft stuff you keep calling carpet????

Simply put, teaching a dog “potty training” is nothing more than teaching a dog that your entire house is also his/her home! In the wild, dogs are den animals! They actually like small, secure locations where they can curl up and feel safe! In addition to this aspect of their makeup, dogs are naturally not messy animals, and they do not want to be in or near filth. If observed in the wild, dogs will move away from their den to relieve themselves. In their mind, not to would just be gross! The potty problem inside the house arises when the dog get confused about where their “home” (or den) space begins, and just exactly where it ends! Have you ever heard the old joke “what does a bear do in the woods?” The answer is the same, dog or bear, they pee and poop on or near the closest tree they can find! However, they do not do it in their own living room! Are we, as humans, really silly enough to think that a dog will “hold it” until they get to the next gas station or public restroom? This is just one of the examples of how we humans don’t think like dogs at all and thus we are faced with the inevitable potty training problem!

It is our job to help them live in our world! Aren’t we the ones that brought the dog into the human world? Think of it as learning a second language…one you will use every day and not just on vacation!  The easiest way to start this process is to crate train. We know that dogs are den animals and they don’t want to soil in or near their den, so let’s use this to our advantage. So, when we start with crate training, we use their clean nature to teach them to “hold it” until we, the humans, not only let them out but show them their special “potty spot”.  

Let me be clear here; if you are dealing with a puppy and just stick him in a crate, he will only hold it only as long as he physically can. So, just throwing your dog in a crate and considering your job done is not potty training! Rather, it is a sure-fire way of teaching a dog it must be OK to poop and pee in the crate, because Mom and Dad are obviously not letting us out, or for that matter showing us where the hell the bathroom is! (What other choice have you given them?) Not to mention this can bring about another bad side effect…our dog just might learn to dislike the crate!

A good rule of thumb is that for every month old the puppy is will equal one hour of bladder holding time. So, an eight week old puppy should be able to hold it for approximately two hours. This is the outside limit of your pup being able to hold it, and pushing past this limit will only result in more accidents and ultimately a longer and more frustrating experience of house training for you and for your puppy! Hey, no one said this was going to be easy! If you are already thinking “man, this sounds like a lot of work”, you may want to consider a goldfish rather than a dog, but I digress!  In my mind, during the first week the puppy comes home, you must take Fido to the specific “potty spot” every hour, on the hour, during the day and use the above rule of thumb (on age) at night while they are in the crate! Yes, you will have to set your alarm, put on your robe, and actually take the dog outside in the middle of the night; you might even have to do it more than once per night starting off! If you leave your puppy in the crate any longer than the time they can hold it, expect accidents and the possible bad side effect of teaching Fido it is OK to soil in the crate. If you thought “potty training” was already hard imagine trying to teach it with a dog that is already OK with soiling where they live!   So, now we have to get busy teaching our dog in an almost fanatical manner, not only to prevent accidents but also to begin teaching good potty habits, like when and where!

One more thought to get your mind right on the subject of potty training is the idea of “Mistake Free” potty training. I am a big believer that a bad habit never learned is a good habit created. When I talk of fanatical training I simply mean management.  If I actually pay attention to a dog for the first 60 days and make sure they only relieve themselves in one spot (the one I choose) and never let them make a mistake (the paying attention part), then what will the dog learn?  Wa-la “Potty Training!” Isn’t that the problem you are having and the reason you bought this book?  You have allowed the dog make enough mistakes to become completely confused and now both of you might be rethinking your choices to live together! That being said, all mistakes can be fixed and all frustrations can become wins.  So turn the page and let’s get to fixing


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