Kansas City dog trainer, Gives Tips to Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People: According to a leading Kansas City dog trainer, it’s normal for your dog to jump on people. Dogs like to get face to face to say hello, and it’s guaranteed to get others’ attention. However, sometimes letting your dog jump on others can be dangerous.

At KISS Dog Training, a Kansas City dog training leader, we want to keep you, your dog, and your loved ones safe. That’s why it’s important to teach your dog not to jump on other people, especially strangers. We’ve compiled some tips on training your dog to stop jumping on others.


Kansas City dog trainer, Answers, “Why Do Dogs Greet People by Jumping?”

According to experts of in home dog training in Kansas City, most dogs jump to greet people because they are excited. They obviously can’t voice their excitement the way humans can, so they have to show it in another way. Dogs repeat actions that provide them with rewards. If you pet your dog every time they jump on you, they won’t stop. You should eliminate the reward so they will stop jumping.

Kansas City dog trainer Gives Tips for Training a Different Greeting Behavior

Experts of dog training in Kansas City suggest training your dog with an alternate greeting behavior. A popular alternative to jumping is “four on the floor.” This is when you teach your dog to keep all of their paws on the floor when greeting someone.


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Steps for training four on the floor:

  • Have someone approach your dog while they are on a leash
  • Toss several treats on the floor before the person gets to your dog
  • Have the person greet your dog while they are eating the treats off the floor
  • Have the person back away before your dog finishes eating
  • Repeat this process several times until your dog can keep all their feet on the ground
  • By the end of training, your dog should be able to keep all four paws on the ground when greeting someone

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Steps for Training “Sitting” as a Greeting

According to experts in standard and aggressive dog training in Kansas City, teaching your dog to sit as a greeting is also effective. Below are the steps needed to train your dog:

  • Secure your dog’s leash to a piece of furniture or doorknob
  • Stand several feet away and ask your dog to sit
  • Calmly approach your pup after they sit; if they stand up, turn back to your starting point and have them sit again
  • Once they stay sitting, walk back over and pet them, return to your starting point if they stand
  • Once your dog has mastered the calm greeting, you can slowly make your approaches more exciting

Teaching your dog not to jump when greeting someone new will keep both you and your loved ones safe. It’s important to be patient and consistent when training your pup.

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