Puppy Training in Shawnee Experts Provide 5 Tips for Teaching Your Puppy to Use a Doggy Door – Puppy training in Shawnee experts believe that doggy doors are a convenient way to give your puppy the freedom to come and go as they please. It’s a great way for your dog to go o the bathroom outside without constantly opening and closing the door for them. However, training your puppy to use a doggy door can be difficult.

At K.I.S.S. Dog Training, we are proud to be a leader of standard and aggressive dog training in Shawnee; we believe that dogs are only as good as their owners; that’s why we stick to our motto, “keep it simple, stupid!” We understand that you want to provide your dog with the best life possible; that’s why we also offer books to help boost and enrich training sessions with your pup.

A leading Shawnee dog trainer understands that teaching your puppy to use a doggy door is convenient for both of you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 tips for teaching your puppy to use the doggy door.


1. Start by Teaching Them the Basics

According to puppy training in Shawnee experts, before you even introduce your dog to the doggy door, make sure they are familiar with basic commands like “come,” “stay,” and “wait.” This will make it easier to communicate with them during the training process.

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2. Use Treats and Praise

Shawnee dog training experts believe that using treats and praise are great ways to help your dog become comfortable using the door. Hold a treat on the other side of the doggy door and call your dog’s name, encouraging them to come through to get the treat.


3. Gradually Introduce the Doggy Door

Leading puppy training in Shawnee experts suggest gradually introducing the doggy door to your puppy. The first step in getting your dog to use a doggy door is to get them comfortable with the idea. Start by placing the doggy door in a location that is easily accessible to your dog, and then simply let them sniff and explore it.

It’s important to remember that dog doors aren’t the solution for all dogs. Make sure that your pup is constantly being supervised, especially if they are small. This is important if you live out in the country, you should keep an eye out for wildlife such as coyotes and larger birds of prey.

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4. Practice, Practice, Practice!

According to a dog behavior specialist in Kansas City and Shawnee, it’s important to consistently practice going through the doggy door with your pup. Puppy training in Shawnee experts believe that you should keep practicing with your dog until they are comfortable going through the doggy door on their own, without any treats or encouragement.

Another great way to practice with your dog is to have the door available whenever they need it. Dog training experts suggest creating a way to prop the doggy door open while your pup is learning. This allows them easy access whenever they need it, and prevents them from being smacked by the flap whenever the door shuts.


5. Show Your Dog How to Do It

According to a leader of standard and aggressive dog training in Kansas City and Shawnee, showing your puppy how to use the doggy door can be very helpful. Once your dog is comfortable going through the doggy door on their own, you can start showing them the way by going through the door yourself and then calling them to follow you. Make sure to have someone on each side of the door when your puppy is learning. Call the dog back and forth to make the process fun and interactive.

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